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If you are looking to purchase your piece of Muskoka paradise visit my Buyers page or if you are looking to sell your existing waterfront property visit my Sellers page.

Below is a list of some of the properties I have proudly sold by representing either the buyer or the seller or both. 

Lake Joseph

Lake Joseph is situated west of and flows into Lake Rosseau where the two connect at the narrows of Port Sandfield and the Joseph River. It is deepest at 93 metres in the north end. Smallest of the three lakes, Lake Joseph has a total of 140 km's of perimeter shoreline and 91 km's of island shoreline. Out of approximately 1,500 lakeshore properties, I estimate the average property has 467' of frontage. Lake Joseph lies within two townships, Muskoka Lakes and Sequin Township which is in the district of Parry Sound.

  Lake Joseph Shore

9,485,000 South Lk Joe

4,995,000 Trails End

4,095,000 Central

3,995,000 North Joe

3,850,000 Scarlett Rd

3,750,000 Whole Island

3,695,000 Scully Rd

3,250,000 Little Lake Joe

3,135,000 Elgin House Rd



2,650,000 Maile Run

2,595,000 Little Lake Joe

2,495,000 Little Lake Joe

2,495,000 Elgin House Rd

2,450,000 Peninsula Rd

2,295,000 Steele's Rd

2,1000,000 Lk Joe Condo

1,995,000 Chown Rd

1,995,000 Woodroffe Rd



1,895,000 Scarlett Rd

1,750,000 Trails End

1,695,000 Little Lake Joe

1,595,000 Wegamind 

1,495,000 Kenozha Rd

1,450,000 Campbells Rd

1,295,000 Joseph River

1,275,000 Carlingford Rd

1,225,000 Scully Rd



1,095,000 Kenozha Rd

999,000 Trails End

995,000 Stanley House Rd

995,000 Peninsula Rd

895,000 Murphy Rd

895,000 Chown Rd

799,000 Kenozha Rd

725,000 Carlingford Rd


749,000 Clear Lake Rd

695,000 Kenozha Rd

599,000 Stanley House Rd

499,000 Badgerow Island

 499,000 Avon Lane

499,000 Gordon Point

489,000 Chown Rd

479,000 Riverdale Rd

For More Information About Lake Joseph Click Here!

Lake Rosseau

The middle lake of the big three, Lake Rosseau is connected to Lake Joseph through the narrows at Port Sandfield and also through the Joseph River. At the south end of the lake it is connected to Lake Muskoka through Indian River and the locks at Port Carling. The deepest spot on this lake is 89 metres. There are approximately 1,800 properties on Lake Rosseau with the average Lake frontage being 370'. The total perimeter of shoreline of the lake is 151 km's with 80 km's of island shoreline.

  Lake Rosseau

6,595,000 Windermere

5,495,000 N.Lk.Rosseau

5,450,000 Seguin Twp.

5,395,000 Brackenrig

4,795,000 Maplehurst Rd

4,150,000 Minett

3,999,000 Hwy 632

3,899,000 Hall's Road

3,495,000 Peninsula Rd

2,895,000 Peacock Rd

2,595,000 Montgomery





2,595,000 Rosseau Rd 2

2,495,000  Brackenrig Rd

2,200,000 Whole Islan

2,150,000 Ferndale Rd

1,749,000 Shennamere 

1,695,000 Hall's Road

1,675,000 Shennemere 

1,595,000 Brackenrig Rd

1,495,000 Montgomery 

1,295,000 Little Morgan 

1,295,000 Sunnyside Isle



1,150,000 Morgan Bay

1,100,000 Peacock Rd

1,100,000 Brackenrig Rd

1,395,000 Ouno Island

1,049,000 Rosseau

995,000 Morinus Rd

949,000 Beacon Island

899,000 Juddhaven Rd

897,500 Winchester Dr

895,000 Mazengah Isle

895,000 Stephen Rd




889,000 Sagamo Blvd

849,500 Maplehurst Rd

829,000 Morgan Bay Rd

795,000 Reberta Drive

769,000 Sequin Place

699,000 Montgomery Rd

695,000 Beacon Island

599,000 Reberta Drive

599,900 Brackenrig Rd

599,000 Misty Morn Rd

595,000 Mahon Farm Rd

589,000 Morgan Bay Rd

549,000 Island Park Rd

535,000 Reabank Rd

459,000 Highway 632

455,000 Misty Morn Rd

419,000 Mahon Farm Rd

475,000 Rosseau Rd 2

289,000 Armstrong Pt.Rd

For More Information About Lake Rosseau Click Here!

Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka is the largest of the big three lakes with 269 km's of shoreline. This lake is fed by Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau and the Indian River through the locks in Port Carling, and the Muskoka River through the falls at Bracebridge. It then flows into Moon River at Bala, emptying into Georgian Bay. Located between Port Carling and Gravenhurst it lies primarily within the Township of Muskoka Lakes.

  Lake Muskoka Trees

6,195,000 Foreman Rd

3,995,000 Mortimers Pt

3,495,000 Viewpoint Tr.

3,325,000 Foreman Rd

2,395,000 Brydon Bay Rd



2,295,000 Heather Lodge 

2,195,000 Whole Island

1,995,000 Acton Island

1,975,000 Ennis Bay Rd

1,895,000 Part Island




1,550,000 Viewpoint Trail

1,495,000 Mortimer's Pt

1,195,000 Muskadasa 

1,135,000 Juniper Way

1,065,000 Mortimer's Pt



949,000 Muskoka Rd 118

795,000 Suttaby Rd

649,000 Greenwood Pt

549,000 Muskoka Rd 118

559,000 Hutton Rd

425,000 Omineca Rd

399,000 Chisholm Trail

259,900 Indian Crescent

239,000 Indian Crescent


For More Information About Lake Muskoka Click Here!

Perimeter Lakes

1,095,000 Whitefish Lake

995,000 Bruce Lake

549,000 Leonard Lake

2,695,000 Onawa Lake

1,495,000 Skeleton Lake

995,000 Sucker Lake

549,000 Clear Lake

1,995,000 Big Whitefish Lake

1,495,000 Big Whitefish Lake

995,000 Otter Lake

449,000 Clear Lake

1,695,000 Skeleton Lake

1,349,000 Skeleton Lake

595,000 Clear Lake 299,000 Clear Lake
1,495,000 Big Whitefish Lake                1,295,000 Sucker Lake                            550, 000  Clear Lake            495,000 Farris Lake 

Islands of Muskoka

Islands by the hundreds can be found on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph and the perimeter lakes. Regardless of their shape and size all are unique in their natural beauty. Steep rock faces perfect for cliff jumping, natural granite ranging from smooth boulders and ledges to sheer, jagged points as well as soft bottomed sandy beaches all surrounded by shallow and deep, clean, clear, crisp Muskoka water are typical islands here. Exterior decorating included, they come adorned with the infamous Muskoka twisted pine, various coniferous and deciduous trees which make for magnificent scenery in any season adding a symphony of colour in Autumn. Island properties make for fantastic exploring with their rugged terrain, distinguishing features of nooks and crannies, inlets, bays, canoe cuts and drop offs. What child or child in us does not like a fresh-air outdoor adventure? Cottaging on an island is a special experience that can be rewarding, fun and peaceful.

  Islands of Muskoka

4,095,000 Central Lk Joseph

3,750,000 Whole Island Lk Joseph

2,200,000 Whole Island Lk Rosseau

2,195,000 Whole Island Lk Muskoka


1,895,000 Part Island Lk Muskoka

1,595,000 Wegamind Island Lk Joseph

1,395,000 Ouno Island Lk Rosseau

1,395,000 Whitt Island Lk Muskoka

1,295,000 Sunnyside Island Lk Rosseau


1,195,000 Muskadasa Island Lk Muskoka

995,000 Robert's Is. Skeleton Lk

949,000 Beacon Island Lk Rosseau

895,000 Mazengah Island Lk Rosseau

750,000 Birch Island Lk Joseph

695,000 Beacon Island Lk Rosseau

459,000 Tobin Island Lk Rosseau

499,000 Badgerow Island Lk Joseph

339,000 Beacon Island Lk Rosseau



For More Information About Islands of Muskoka Click Here!

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If you would like more information about the area such as specific by-laws, building department contact information and more please Contact Me.

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