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Muskoka Cottage Listings Blog is created to provide you with Muskoka lifestyle and real estate related information. For Market News 2016 and older please click here.

Muskoka Jack Lifestyle

Cottaging in Muskoka is part of your lifestyle.  Since this is a combination real estate and lifestyle blog, I thought I would share my latest news with you. Like you, I too cottage in Muskoka. My wife, Carrie, and I reside on Lake Rosseau from early April, just before the waterfront real estate season begins. When our busy time of year is over, mid to late October, we close up our cottage and head to a new destination. Typically, tropical, enviably exotic.

You already know this though. Over the years we’ve had many questions presented to us. “How can you go on vacation for five and a half months?”.  And, “how can we live your life?”.  We also get asked the question “how do you keep busy?”.  In fact, we don’t sit around all winter basking in the sun sipping cocktails.  Along with maintaining my real estate business, for the last three winters Carrie and I have been writing a book.  

It all started about six years ago when we met two worldly couples, while wintering in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We would get together for ‘sunset cocktails’ on the sweeping Grace Bay beach. We shared many stories and much laughter. One gentleman suggested to me the importance of creating my ‘already done it- bucket list’. He stated that if we didn’t write down what we had accomplished in life, we would eventually forget. Taking this advice to heart, we began working on my ‘evolving bucket list’. On our website I explain how I went about remembering everywhere I had ever been.

Along with the continuous questions over the years it was also suggested, time and again, that I write a book.  My response to this was that there are already a million travel books on the market. However, we discovered there is none that accurately outline HOW to live an exotic lifestyle of long term vacationing.

Not wanting to write about my travels as so many have done. Not wanting to write about a certain destination, as that has been overdone. We took up the task of compiling information on everything that goes into my planning a perfect extended vacation. Right from deciding on a destination, finding the perfect rental property, booking transportation and closing up ‘shop’.  As this is intended to be a comprehensive account of what we experience we also included departure, arrival and how to stay healthy and safe while assimilating into a new community. Procedures and tips on living like a local, not traveling like a tourist.

The book is titled Another Cocktail Please – the Essential Guide to Long Term Vacationing. In actuality, anyone traveling anywhere for any length of time will benefit from the contents of my new book.  On top of that we’ve also introduced the book with a chapter of “Jack’s Story”, how it all started. It also contains, what we hope is, inspiration to others – the world is, as vast as the imagination.

I’d like to conclude by saying, I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding my travels over the years. I hope you enjoy the book -  available on Amazon worldwide and through our website.  

Happy Travels,

Muskoka Jack a.k.a. Seasonal Nomad

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Another Cocktail Please the Essential Guide to Long Term Vacationing by Jack Janssen and Carrie Trip