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Mosquito Free Muskoka

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy cottage life in a mosquito free Muskoka this summer season?

Today’s guest blog and mosquito free Muskoka cottage properties come to us, compliments of Skeeter Patrol.

"What's that sound?  Wait, there isn't one."  I'm sitting enjoying my cottage oasis in Muskoka, where I've spent many hours and more dollars creating.  The sweat on the glass of my cold drink drips as I await the belated sound.  Only the thrum of a boats engine, as it cruises by, interrupts my tranquil peace.   I sit and contemplate what is happening. Where is that warning sound - the sound that pushes me to flail my arms around before I quickly pick up my drink and retreat inside.

Then I recall my earlier conversation with my dedicated mosquito control technician Alexis, from Skeeter Patrol.

She asked, "Did you know there is a proven solution to rid mosquitos from your yard and garden without harmful side effects to the environment?  And there is more that I didn't know until I started with Skeeter Patrol.  Did you know that Texas A&M reports that over a million mosquitos rest in a one-acre area? Now that's a problem!"

Her smile widened as she continued, "We thought so too! We've tested several products licensed by the government of Ontario, and we've found a solution to this disturbing and rather annoying problem." Alexis explained to me while we walked around my beautiful property, as she pointed out several trouble areas that will allow mosquitos to breed.  "Mosquitos can lay eggs in as little as a cap-full of water." She demonstrated holding her fingers an inch apart.

She reviewed areas that she would not spray such as my pond or the creek that runs through the back of my Muskoka property.  She spelled out the precise application and her technique to ensure that a safe and proper barrier surrounding our outdoor living area would stop the mosquitos in their quest to find the blood meal.

There was glee in her expression as she explained how happy her clients were with her customer service and how many positive testimonials she is getting daily.  "You can hang outside without slathering yourself with Deet - without smelly candles or mosquito attractants that simply do not do the job with these pesky Sasquatch-size mosquitos."

Now, I look around my mosquito free cottage property and think about the upcoming wedding of my daughter.  I reflect on our July family reunion and the little children as I scan the open wooded alcove next door.  I know and trust now, that I will bring Alexis back to protect my family and guests from the menacing skeeters.

I lift up my cool drink, the silence bliss.  "Cheers Skeeter Patrol.  Thank you for giving me back my outdoor Muskoka cottage living!"

Skeeter Patrol is fully insured and operates with a team of licensed technicians in Muskoka and throughout the province of Ontario. To become part of the Skeeter Patrol list of satisfied clients, contact +1 705-614-16181-855-267-1122 or for a free and friendly consultation.   Visit