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Looking to Ward Off Mosquitos This Season?

Looking to Ward Off Mosquitos This Season?  In Muskoka we have mammoth mosquitoes!  Plants may help keep mosquitoes away from your cottage this season.
Get Out Your Green Thumb!   

When planted in conjunction with one another these plants help to keep mosquitos away from your Muskoka cottage or lake house. 

My mother always told me that planting marigolds in the garden keep ants away. The reason this works is that marigolds naturally contain Pyrethrum, an ingredient found in insecticides and repellents. Therefore it makes sense that marigolds also keep mosquitos down to a minimum. Horsemint, also known as Beebalm, repels unwanted mozzies yet at the same time attracts the nicer, friendlier insects we want visiting us including bees and butterflies. Ageratum or Floss Flowers, Citronella and Catnip are also on the list. In fact, entomologists at Iowa State University reported to the American Chemical Society that catnip is ten times more effective than DEET.

In this illustration Rob Sproule suggests using Citronella, Catnip, Ageratum and Marigolds as well but also adds in Lemon Grass and Lemon Thyme, which both come in handy in the kitchen. He also suggests placing these in a particular order.

Mosquito Control Container - plants to keep mosquitoes away from the cottage in Muskoka
Another way to keep mozzies away? BATS.  Sure they are not the cutest or cuddliest of creatures, but their diet does include mosquitoes. Does it really matter if they eat 600 or 1,000 mosquitos a night?  My best friend installed 8 or 10 custom made bat houses which has significantly reduced the number of mosquitos at his cottage.  

Perhaps the combination of constructing bat houses, sprouting some outdoor plants plus following these tips found in last spring’s article on ways to reduce mosquito larvae on your property will reduce bug discomfort this cottage season.  At least it is worth a try! 

Watch for next week’s blog article discussing effective natural insect repellents the whole family can use in Muskoka.