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Muskoka Cottage Listings Blog is created to provide you with Muskoka lifestyle and real estate related information. For Market News 2016 and older please click here.

Listing Your Muskoka Cottage Property for Sale

Important Factors to Consider When Listing Your Muskoka Cottage Property for Sale

Selling your lake front vacation home is a major life event. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or leaving the area, there are many variables to consider when listing your property.

Who Best to Represent Your Waterfront Property?  

What to Look for in a Realtor:

Length of Service - When a Realtor states they have “years” of experience. How many years is that exactly? The more time a Realtor has worked in the business, the more knowledge they should possess.  It’s equally vital that this “seasoned” agent be in keeping with today’s technology and the ever-changing by-laws of the area.

Relevant Experience – The duration of experience is important however, equally significant is the relevance of said experience. An agent may have many years under their belt but if they were in commercial real estate, residential or even waterfront recreational in another province or municipality– they won’t have the local, relatable knowledge that best serves your needs. You’ll want to ensure the agent you choose to represent you has “walked, talked and felt” the properties in your neighbourhood. When selling a specialty product - use a specialty agent!

The Local Agent – Some firms have their agents listing and selling homes across the country. A local agent who only works with Muskoka cottage waterfront property is your best choice for a plethora of reasons. Along with relevant experience, you’ll want your agent to be present and prepared to show your property at a moments notice. Time is always of an essence and no one can be in two places at the same time.

Availability – Your best choice for representation is the experienced, local agent who has time to invest in fully representing your property. This includes back end details in administrating and marketing. An agent with a multitude of listings simply does not have the time necessary to dedicate to you. There are only so many hours in a day and you want your Realtor to be available and fully present to represent your property to the highest standards. And this doesn’t mean handing important tasks off to someone who works for them.

Request a Listing Presentation - A Realtor should have a current marketing plan which includes pricing your cottage correctly to attract buyers. Your potential agent should know who your target audience is, have a recommended strategy and be prepared to present a marketing plan.

Jack Janssen Real Estate Sales Representative Chestnut Park

The experienced, local agent will have connections and knowledge that others just won’t possess. The sale of your cottage is highly dependent on the network of your Realtor.  

Testimonials - Check references. I can say all I want but past clients will be a valuable and reliable resource in determining who to hire. Most consumers are willing to speak with you and answer questions about their experience. The biggest and most frequent personal advertisement doesn’t necessarily equate to Top Agent. The more seasoned, successful and respected Realtor’s don’t overly advertise themselves. Most of my business stems from my previous clients and their referrals.

The Brokerage Does Make a Difference

Not all brokerages are considered equal. Your Muskoka cottage warrants representation by a high-end boutique firm. A firm whose reputation and results are at the top of the class. Many firms claim “best” and “leading” but this should be backed by statistics.  Also, Chestnut Park is affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate.  As a local Muskoka agent with an office in Port Carling we have additional global reach through Christie’s, a luxury international firm.

You Get What You Pay For – This statement stands true for any product or service. Of course, there are DYI platforms, discount brokerages and their agents out there, but the level of service just won’t be there. Such service includes marketing and advertising locally and globally to effectively promote and sell your cottage, so it doesn’t sit on the market resulting in the listing going stale. For more details consult my Sellers page.

In Summary

I believe my expectations are far greater than what you might find elsewhere – the minimum standard is just not acceptable. I continue to deliver the highest standards in customer service now, as in the past 24 years of a successful career in Muskoka waterfront real estate.    

If you would like to discuss listing your Muskoka waterfront property for sale or for a no-obligation, confidential market evaluation of your property, contact me or my cell 705-646-4693.

Look for “Important Factors to Consider When Listing Your Muskoka Cottage Property for Sale - “The Listing” in my next blog.

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