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Internet at Your Muskoka Cottage

Is Internet at your Muskoka cottage frustrating you? 

Join the club! I can't tell you how often I hear my Lake Joseph neighbours complain about the speed (or lack thereof) of their internet service. Keep in mind, we are in cottage country paradise, not a bustling high tech metropolitan area.

Unless you are on a working vacation I recommend unplugging and unwinding. 

That being said, I have the privilege of working in Muskoka which comes with the disadvantage of relying on the internet. So, I feel your pain. There are times when we need internet and times when we crave it. Especially this summer with all the rain and chilly weather Mother Nature has sent us. 

My friends at PC Service on Site have a few wise words to share about Muskoka cottage internet.

Internet at Your Muskoka Cottage and How Much Will it Cost? 

Unfortunately access to high speed internet at the cottage can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Cable and DSL are not available at most Muskoka cottages. So that leaves three internet alternatives: cellular, line of site and satellite.

Bell and Rogers offer cellular options for cottagers. You can buy the hardware outright and go on a month to month service contract or you can sign up for a two year deal and save money on the hardware. Both companies offer flex rate plans – so the more you use the more you pay. Rogers offers an LTE enabled hub. The LTE hub does not have an external jack for an antenna. Many cottages need the antenna.

Bell has a LTE enabled hub with LTE service in Muskoka. Their service is fast and they have 7 new towers around Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Rosseau. The Bell hub has two external antenna jacks.

Bell and Rogers mobile internet service is expensive and Bell is more expensive than Rogers. It is not unheard of to have a monthly bill of $400. That is really expensive internet. The cost of streaming 1 HD movie is about $30.

But that is not to say that the cellular option isn’t your best choice. These services are fast, portable and you have the flexibility to turn on and off the service (with 30 days’ notice) at your convenience. You can install this service yourself or you can hire an IT professional to help.

The cost for a line of site services is fixed. Each month you spend the same regardless of how much data you used. The costs vary depending on the package that you choose and range from $50 to $100 per month. The speeds are much slower. They typically offer 85 GB of data.  These service companies offer various contract options including seasonal disconnect.  If you choose a season account you will likely have to prepay for the season approximately $550. There are installation costs involved but if you sign up for a three year contract the installation costs can be as low as $100. You have to be able to see the tower from your cottage for the service to work. 

Your final service option is Satellite. This comes with all the glitches that you experience with satellite TV such as inclement weather and windy days. The monthly cost is about $70. There are one time service fees ranging for $100 (on a 3 year contract) or $550 without a contract. They do offer seasonal disconnect. The data usage per month is 20 GB and each additional 10 GB costs $10.

We have come to expect internet service. Just think about the many internet enabled devices we have today; tablets, smart phones, computers, media centres, security systems, thermostats and even appliances. But the reality for cottagers is that internet comes at a much higher cost than the city.

Internet at Your Muskoka Cottage PC Service On Site

With fifteen years of experience installing internet solutions in Muskoka, we understand the technology challenges cottagers face.  If you are not sure what is the best solution for you, call us and we will do a complete analysis based on your location, your requirements and budget.

Contact: Meredith Skinner - PC Service On Site - Crane Island, Lake Joseph, Muskoka - 705-999-0699 or 416-949-9777 - Email: 

Enjoy your weekend at the cottage!