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Host a Successful Elegant “Muskoka Cottage” Party

Host a Successful Elegant “Muskoka Cottage” Party

Timing is everything! On Canadian Thanksgiving weekend we attended a fabulous Muskoka Cottage Party hosted by my best friend at his spectacular Lake Rosseau abode.  The gracious host and hostess left no detail un-turned. The food was scrumptious and cocktails and conversation flowed through the night.  Coincidentally this week’s blog conmes to us courtesy of Derek Lotts, Editor of Smooth Decorator

So, we grew up and life flew by quicker than we thought; a life so utterly different than we all thought it’d be that Muskoka Cottage Party

almost each day comes as an adventure. Unfortunately, most of us have gone corporative, so the adventures aren’t as heart-warming as you’d expect; nor are the experiences that come with it. However, the life we lead has taught us to recognize the right from wrong, good from bad, honest from dishonest, and the needed from the obsolete. Well, at least in most cases.

With the help of these and many other similar realizations, the awareness of self and the appreciation of one’s self has come! It seems we have all decided to, from time to time, stop for a second, pause the everyday craze and take a breather. This is when we get to gather with our partners, our friends, and our favorite family members to lose ourselves in the wonderful familiarity of the love we get instantly surrounded with.

Our ancestors used to gather around the fire to get warmer and share their hunting (and other) stories of the day. Generations after them would organize get-togethers in their homes for a lovely meal and chat. Today, we look forward to organizing gatherings with the intention of running away from the everyday work drama and drown ourselves in the wonderful sense of togetherness and closeness of those we love and enjoy.

Giving up on the (corporate) life you’ve been building up for all these years to just run away, because you get sick of it at times, is pretty childish. Well, unless you are looking for a spiritual transformation, following the footsteps of The monk who sold his Ferrari. BUT – running away from the city to your cottage in the countryside… now, that’s a totally legit commitment!

To get it all right, here are some ideas that will surely help you out!Local Muskoka Catering Services - Crossroads Restaurant

1. Hire catering services

The last thing you want to be preoccupied with after a (too) long week at work is preparing the food and drinks for your guests. Luckily, there are amazing professionals who
 do their job perfectly, so you can rely on them for taking care of everything. Don’t go overboard with the food choices, though – no need, this cottage getaway is just for a day or two. Opt for finger food, various drinks you know everyone loves like beer, wine, various juices, and water; also, make sure the fridge is stocked. Usually, serving help comes as a package deal with catering, so you don’t have to worry if everyone’s glass is full. A buffet table is cool, too.


 2. Hire help

There is nothing wrong with hiring help to assist with prepping and cleaning up after the party’s over. Again, it’s all about time-management and energy-saving. You don’t want to go back to the city more tired than you came to the outskirts. Hired help will make sure everything is cleaned up and sorted out, so you can relax and enjoy the blissful moments with your friends and family.  Enjoy Life Throw a Party at your Muskoka Cottage Property



3. Pick a theme


If you’ve got more than two days off (even three would work), picking a theme party for your cottage outing would be super fun! Assuming that none of you have the time to plan a costume for too long, a simple masquerade ball could work. Spice it all up with some good music, exotic food, and exciting decorations. It will definitely be an injection of thrill for all of you!

4. Prep the outdoors (just in case) 

The whole point of going away for the weekend is to take in the sun, the fresh air, and the landscape. Suggest going on a hike all together, sunbathing, dipping into the lake,Cottage Party Lake Rosseau, Joseph, Muskoka, Fire pit or just chilling around the cottage. In the evening, do a traditional marshmallow-around-the-fire-pit gathering with urban legend storytelling. No, you’ll never be too old for it! If you’ve got one of those fire pits by Blazing Glass then you are just in luck. They are super warm to sit around and add the perfect touch to any outdoor occasion. Don’t forget to stock up on blankets for your guests, you know how chilly it gets by the waterfront at night. If you feel like going a step further, maybe suggest sleeping in tents by the lake or in the woods for an added sense of adventure. Nature is an endless inspiration, really!

We’ve hopefully helped and stirred you in the right direction. Now, all you should do is, well, prepare for the weekend in Muskoka cottage country to come! 

Smooth Decorator has published many relevant Muskoka cottage and city home articles including Décor, Interior and Exterior, Garden design and more.  Building or renovating? I particularly like Derek’s inspirational and informative article about window design. Have a great weekend!