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Buying? Building? Selling? Staying?Transform Your Muskoka Hillside

Buying? Building? Selling? Staying?Buying, selling, building Muskoka waterfront.  Inclinator by Inclined Elevation.

Transform Your Muskoka Hillside

Granite rock cliffs cascade into the deep blue waters of the lakes of Muskoka. Scenically breathtaking, this topography can also be breathtaking to navigate.  For this reason many people tell me they will only consider purchasing level waterfront for their cottage.  That being said; with height come spectacular vistas.  In conversation with Physicist Dr. John Weinstein, master mind behind and owner of Inclined Elevation, we discussed the convenience, maneuverability and resale advantages that an inclinator provides.  Inclinators virtually transform a property. Here is what he has to say.

Anecdotally, well designed, well-built lifts transform both cottage life and cottage sales. Of the 55 lifts I've built 8 have changed ownership:

  • Lift 6 property had been for sale for years and was essential in the sale;
  • Lift 9 was on a spec property that then sold;
  • Lift 15 installing the lift was essential in the sale;
  • Lift 20 was, to be honest, not a factor in the purchasers decision to buy, however they are now glad they have it;
  • Lift 21 was an important factor in the sale;
  • the couple that built Lift 24 gave their agent the go-ahead to make an offer to purchase once they knew we could build a lift from the dock to the deck;
  • Lift 41 was essential in  the sale;
  • Lift 44 was purchased by someone who had a quotation requested by the vendor's agent;

There are some arguments for vendors going ahead with a lift before selling:

  • A lift vastly expands the demographic that may be interested in a hillside property; there are more people with money than with money and legs.
  • Increased interest, increased price.
  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; seeing is believing; riding is captivating; a tranquil pause tops a difficult climb.
  • The cost of a lift is a fraction of the asking price of the property and the impact is transformational -- there’s an opportunity for a great ROI.
  • Warranties are attached to the lift, not the owner, they are transferred completely.

Building or renovating? Construction is more manageable with a lift.  Lift 27 and Lift 28 each had the lift installed first which was used to build or renovate.   We also maintain other builder's lifts.

Thank you Dr. Weinstein.  Installing an inclinator makes sense whether you are considering buying, selling, building or already own a cottage on beautiful rugged Muskoka waterfront.  Getting up the hill shouldn’t get you down! Call them for a lift.  705 645 4567, Email or visit  
Buying, selling, building. Muskoka cottage hillside transformed by Inclined Elevation.