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Islands of Muskoka

Islands by the hundreds can be found on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph and the perimeter lakes. Regardless of their shape and size all are unique in their natural beauty. Steep rock faces perfect for cliff jumping, natural granite ranging from smooth boulders and ledges to sheer, jagged points as well as soft bottomed sandy beaches all surrounded by shallow and deep, clean, clear, crisp Muskoka water are typical of islands here. Exterior decorating included, they come adorned with the infamous Muskoka twisted pine, various coniferous and deciduous trees which make for magnificent scenery in any season adding a symphony of colour in Autumn. Island properties make for fantastic exploring with their rugged terrain, distinguishing features of nooks and crannies, inlets, bays, canoe cuts and drop offs. What child or child in us does not like a fresh-air outdoor adventure? Cottaging on an island is a special experience that can be rewarding, fun and peaceful.

Benefits of owning an island property are plentiful. A prime piece of island property will cost less than a mainland property of the same stature. There are no roads therefore lower property taxes. Lower demand for islands than mainland means more bang for your buck. If you are planning on building or renovating on your island you may consider doing this during the winter. Most importantly if you are someone who values your privacy this is the option for you. Most island properties will have more frontage than what you could find on the mainland making your privacy all that more affordable. Still not convinced? Consider this, any visitor you may receive will have to plan ahead to be picked up at a specific access point and time, making unexpected guests almost unheard of.

My family has vacationed on islands my whole life. Growing up as a child I learned the value of preparedness. Organization is key. Making sure you have safety and first aid kits, flashlights, fresh batteries and enough food and supplies for your stay make island living not only enjoyable but gratifying. At the beginning of every cottage season, islanders will do a major haul bringing in the staples and essentials including favourite beverages, bottled water, condiments, freezer, dried and canned goods, matches, books and any new family games to be played on rainy days. You won't want to jump in the boat and head to the marina for that forgotten bag of marshmallows for making s'mores by the campfire once you have settled in, so a list is essential before leaving home.

Confidence in your day and night time boating abilities and knowledge of the lakes is another key factor. Islanders boat everywhere; visiting friends, coming back from a dinner party, trips to the marina for more gas because you were out wakeboarding, tubing and skiing all day or in case of an emergency, it is important to know what you are dealing with.

A side note on island living, as there is no waste management facility you will have to remember to take your garbage and recycling with you when you leave. Most marinas and access points have municipal refuse facilities.

Choosing your property and the lake is the most important factor, even more so than the structure. More convenient than in the past, most bigger islands have hydro and phone services and there are many access points for your convenience.


Aerial view View through the trees Islands of Muskoka
Arriving at boat house Island cottage privacy View from boat

I have helped several new islanders' transition into their island cottage life with ease. Contact me for more information on island living, available island properties and island landings for your existing property.

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