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Important Factors When Listing Your Muskoka Cottage Property

Important Factors When Listing Your Muskoka Cottage Property 

Make an Impact with Your Muskoka Cottage Property For Sale Listing

OREA, the Ontario Real Estate Association, recently published this infographic.  Based on residential markets, the majority of these factors also apply to second, vacation home purchases in Muskoka.  Broken down in sections and based on my 21+ years of experience in this market, I have my own comments to each of the first relevant 7 out of 9 survey topics discussed.

Price – ultimately the most important factor when listing a recreational waterfront property is to price it correctly, the first time, for today’s market.  Here is what happens to an overpriced listing. 

Make an Impact with Your Muskoka Cottage Property For Sale Listing

Features – each cottage waterfront property is unique and its uniqueness should be highlighted.  Including features on the listing will let buyers know if your property has what they are looking for. 

Curb Appeal – I advise my clients on what tasks may be beneficial to complete prior to listing their property for sale.  Perhaps a deck needs to be painted, a roof replaced or simple things such as trimming the weeds and tidying up debris.  Curb appeal is important to some degree to 98% of buyers with 41% stating it makes a big impact.  In some circumstances staging is also recommended. 

Make an Impact with Your Muskoka Cottage Property For Sale Listing

Listing Photos – High quality professional exterior and interior pictures are essential to attracting the attention of potential buyers of your Muskoka cottage property for sale. I can’t stress this enough. It frustrates me to see listings on MLS and real estate websites depicting poor quality and fuzzy pictures. Pictures need to be taken in proper lighting, with interior lights turned on to highlight the unique and beautiful features of your cottage. Exterior photos need to be shot during the correct time of day for natural light to enhance the landscaping and buildings. When you list with me I ensure your photographs will be of the highest quality to display on all marketing venues. The bottom line: pictures of toilets or fuzzy, dimly lit pictures are a major turn off and although your cottage may be right for the buyer, your listing may get overlooked! Youtube videos, virtual tours and, drone photography are necessary tools in marketing your listing.

Description – some descriptions are so flowery and long winded that they appear over the top whereas other descriptions are too short and lack pertinent information. My advice, a happy medium. I make certain key points are covered and stated in order of importance. It’s called a hook and it has to be truthful!

Make an Impact with Your Muskoka Cottage Property For Sale Listing

Roadways – even in cottage country a safe and navigable roadway is important to many buyers. We need to let potential buyers know that the road is a) safe, b) maintained, if not municipally, then privately, and c) that even if your property is down a long, windy, gravel road it is more than worth the drive to your Muskoka piece of paradise.

Demographics – Muskoka, Ontario’s premier cottage country, is a highly sought after area… Lakes Rosseau, Joseph, Muskoka and the perimeter lakes such as Sucker, Bruce and Skeleton to name a few all have varying demographics that will appeal to various buyers.

Make an Impact with Your Muskoka Cottage Property For Sale Listing
Buying Selling Impact Factors Stat Infographic supplied by The Ontario Real Estate Association

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